About us

We are two young dedicated family men, specialized in the production of clamshells in the field of toys and action figures.

With our passion, the collecting of action figures, we noticed that there are so far only a few suppliers in this area, which meet the wishes and requirements of fans and collectors.

However, this has surprised us rather little, because protective sleeves/blisters or even acrylic sleeves have so far only been offered by foreign companies on the market.

This results in unnecessarily long delivery times, delivery costs and long communication channels, as we have experienced ourselves.

Our goal is to counteract exactly these problems by founding the company "Great Cases & Toy's". That is why we produce high quality clamshells for toys with a focus on action figures.

Our protective cases, clamshells and acrylic sleeves are produced

  • without long delivery times
  • without high delivery costs
  • without complicated communication channels

without complicated communication channels.

If we have aroused your interest, your wishes or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

We are looking forward to you...

Your GCT Team