Acryl Box Deluxe GTC - 005

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Acrylic case made of 3mm durable acrylic with 96-97% UV protection

perfect fit for almost all big vintage MOTUs like e.g.

- Dragon Blaster Skeletor

- Thunder Punch He-Man

- Hurricane Hordak

Also suitable for the Origins Deluxe figures like

- Battle Armor He-Man

- Battle Armor Skeletor

- Clamp Champ

- Ram-Man


As well as Super 7 Neo Vintage

- He-Ro

Please note that the case is not suitable for He-Man and Skeletor Laser Light Vintage Deluxe cards.

Outside dimensions in mm:

Height: 314

Width: 255

Depth: 70

Maximum bubble depth: 61mm

Max. Card width between guide rails side in mm: 230

Max. Card height to top end rail in mm: 294

Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months! Choking hazard due to small parts that may be swallowed.